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You can pick any location and plan for each site, and all sites run on 100% high speed SSD servers

The Blog

$0.04 per day
750 MB Web Storage
5.25 GB Backup Storage
40 GB Bandwidth
1 Database
5 Email Accounts
7 Day Backup History

$1.20 / 30 days
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The Portfolio

$0.08 per day
1.5 GB Web Storage
10.5 GB Backup Storage
80 GB Bandwidth
2 Databases
10 Email Accounts
7 Day Backup History

$2.40 / 30 days
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The Project

$0.16 per day
2.5 GB Web Storage
17.5 GB Backup Storage
100 GB Bandwidth
3 Databases
15 Email Accounts
7 Day Backup History

$4.80 / 30 days
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The Business

$0.32 per day
4.5 GB Web Storage
31.5 GB Backup Storage
150 GB Bandwidth
4 Databases
20 Email Accounts
7 Day Backup History

$9.60 / 30 days
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Daily backups
High speed network
Email aliases
Free SSL with Let's Encrypt
One click deploy
Auto CMS installer
One click backup download
Multi user sharing
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Prices are in CAD (Canadian Dollar)

Install Wordpress in seconds

Our hosting is Wordpress ready, and we even have a CMS install tool in the panel to help get your new Wordpress site installed.

Free to test, no upfront costs

Jump in and test our services without paying anything. All new users get some credit to start for a few days, why charge you first thing?

Reload any time, we have no yearly or monthy lock in.

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From the blog writer, to the developer

Our custom panel is easy for anyone to use, but still has everything developers need. Getting started is simple and no risk, why are you waiting?

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We stand behind our infrastructure

If something goes wrong and we can't deliver at least 99.99% uptime, we will credit your account based on the amount of downtime.

Security & Let's Encrypt

Security is big for us, and we are always working to improving our systems, and keep everything secure.

We also have FULL Let's Encrypt support, so getting a free SSL to secure your site is easy. Just click enable.

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Servers around the world

We have server locations around the world, from London to San Francisco. When you launch a site you can pick any location you want from the panel.

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A custom panel and backend

We build the control panel in house to be fast, secure, and easy to use. Using the power and API of VestaCP on the nodes, you have full control of your resources, from DNS, FTP, MySQL, Backups and more.

Daily backups that work

NodeHost will automatically back up your site, compress it, and save it to more then one server. We keep daily backups going back 7 day's, so you can download or restore the backups at any time from the panel.

Free and open community for help

Check out our community for help and articles to help you get started with anything from design to programing. We also invite you to ask questions and our community will be happy to help.

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Restore backups any time

Easily click "restore backup" on the panel and in a few minutes have your website files, dns, mail, and database fully restored to how it was when it was backed up. Backups are stored on multiple servers to keep them safe.

People you can trust

We are some of the best in our field, and work with some of the most talented developers. We may not have 24/7 support but we always message back. You can email us, or even have a chat with us on Twitter.

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Our customers are amazing

"NodeHost has blown me away since migrating over!"

"Let me just start off - I love this hosting service!"

"I would recommend them to anyone."

The Undesigned podcast

Uncovering the design industry from a graduating student’s perspective. Hosted by @mitchbernstein and @logan_liffick. Available on iTunes & SoundCloud.

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