We are developers first

Most hosting companies are about getting as many users as they can, but we want to develop amazing technology and services. This pushes us to talk with the community every chance we get.

Our amazing team

We have an amazing team of developers and professionals at NodeHost.


CEO & Co-Founder

Anthony is the co-founder of NodeHost. Anthony has been developing large scale websites since 2008. Anthony manages our technical infrastructure.



Operations & Co-Founder

Lisa is in charge of business operations at NodeHost and is the founder of LAMMCS the company behind NodeHost. Lisa is a huge part of our team and is in charge of running the different teams and the overall direction of services.



Developer & Debuger

Michael started of breaking games, websites and finding bugs in all kinds of systems. Now he plans front and backend systems, and somehow still finds the time to break everything.



Social Media & Marketing

Astro joined the team in early 2019 to run our social media and is in charge of marketing at NodeHost. Born in Ukraine, Astro is a huge asset to the team and will help move our image forward. Astro is also trying to steal Anthony's job.


Contact us anytime

If you need any help feel free to contact us at any time, we are here to help. You can also message us on Twitter anytime. You can email our general support inbox support@nodehost.ca or to report abuse and illegal activity abuse@nodehost.ca.


We started back in 2015 to create a hosting environment that was friendly, and easy to use. Unlike most hosting services we are constantly improving, and don't overcharge users for a service that should not be expensive to get started.

Based on quality and price

We are not in the market of making a quick buck, we are taking the long path to a sustainable high quality service. Everyone at NodeHost has been involved in building websites for over 10 years, we have seen the amount of hosting companies that have come and gone.

We are not a reseller

We run our own servers for performance and efficiency. It would be cheaper to rent hosting space from a larger company and have them manage it, but then we wont have such great performance. We run our servers with DigitalOcean for scale, and world wide reach.


We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi