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Launch a new container

First create a new container and pick the location and resources you want. Don't worry you can always change this later. Your resources will also scale with your site when needed.

Add your domain, or use ours

Create your domain on the container to start setting up your site, if you need we provide a free sub domain you can use. If you need to get a domain vist a domain seller like and then just point it to us.

Pick the Wordpress package

Now it's time to start setting up Wordpress, just go to packages and pick the Wordpress option, then after a few minutes visit the URL we list on the page to continue.

Visit site to start install

Once you visit the page we link to the system will start installing the files, Wordpress is large so it can take a little bit of time.

Create a database

Back on the panel it is time to create a new database, just enter a name and a password, we will display the other information after it's created.

Setup Wordpress

Enter in the database info into Wordpress to continue the setup.

Make the first post

Now you just need to set your personal details, and now you can login and start blogging.

Launching a blog | Tutorial