We love free online resources

We are intrested in making the internet a little bit better, so we have some free for use services from DNS checking tools to open API's.


Free and open services for developer to use and build systems with. Our first and major service being our free Visitor Check service that is a easy to use reCAPTCHA alternative that does not use user tracking over many services and keeps visitor data private.

Visitor Check


API's to do simple or advanced checks. Most of the tools in this section are tools we also use internaly for our service including image scaling on the fly.

Scale image during embed (IMGCache)

Online Lookups

Simple and easy to use online lookup tools for many kinds of uses. Like checking DNS propagation status of DNS changes.

Domain NS lookup Domain TXT lookup Domain MX lookup Domain A lookup


Simple and easy testing tools.

Internet Speed Test

Free tools and services

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi