All sites students launch are 100% free

We don't want to make students or teachers pay for using resources if used for learning, so all sites a student launches will be free. There are also no costs in adding a student account for teachers, and teachers can also launch free sites. Our free site plan comes with 250MB Storage, 5GB Bandwidth, and 1 Database per site.

No tracking

Our panel does not track students or normal users. To keep things simple we don't require a last name for a student account. All you need to enter to make a student account is a username, and a password.

Help teach from your account

In one click you can login as a student account from your teacher account so you can help setup a site, or even problem solve.

Teachers can send messages to a single student, or all at once, and students can message the teacher at any time.

No student maximum

If you have 3 or even 1000 students everything will still be free. Students can also when they leave school request their account be made a normal account if they want to keep building websites.

Modified panel for students

Our hosting panel is modified to make it easer for students. Students wont see the payed site plans, they wont see the billing areas also. We are always improving and getting feedback from the teachers using our system to make it better.

No cost, free sub domain

Don't worry about costs, you don't even need a domain to get started. Our system has free sub domains users can use while building sites.

To get started

Just create an account and send us a email or message on Twitter with the school/organization you work with, and how you plan to use our service so we can switch your account to a teacher account.

Teachers and school services