Take advantage of our cloud network

We handle a lot of requests, from cron services to our live data service

Storage Platform (CDN)

The NodeHost Storage Platform is a new system for hosting and serving files on any site. Files are uploaded and encoded into a database storage system so are not saved as files on disk to keep access to the files as fast as it can be.

The platform is made for site resource sharing, easily edit a file on NodeHost and have it update for all your sites. Designed for developers sharing JS or CSS files and other resources with many sites they manage. One place for all resources and you can edit and update files on the fly from the NodeHost dashboard.

Starting at $0.01 per file per 2 weeks

Live visitor data

Our live data tool allows you to see how many people are on your site at any time. It shows basic data such as the last few pages loaded but also advanced info like javascript errors.

free service

Web cron service

Our cron system is simple and easy. Enter the url to run and the time delay in minutes. We charge per thousand requests for this service to cover overhead costs.

$0.02 per 1k

To-do lists and tasks

We all have things we need to get done, and with our to-do lists, we make it easy to keep track of your projects and tasks for free.

free service