Service Level Agreement

We work hard to make our services work as smooth as they can with 99.99% uptime. But with scale sometimes things break, for example our cloud panel handles more then 35 million requests per month. So we want to make everything clear, on how we handle any downtime events.

Node Downtime

We will after any downtime event give all users on the affected node credit based on the amount of time that any site was down. We want you to host with us and not worry, having a site go down can be one of the worst things for your business.

Services Downtime

We can't always say our panel will always be online as we are always making changes, but if something breaks when you are doing work, just send us a message and we will give you some credit. We know having things not work when trying to get things done can be frustrating.

Downtime reporting

We always report all downtime on our status site This page is fully automated and records data every 2 minutes for all servers. Wewill never edit the status page to remove past events.