Do battle and we give away resources to students and teachers

Helping students learn code and how to be creative, one battle at a time. If you are a teacher get in contact so we can set you up with learning resources for free.

$125.00 for students earned so far

Win credits, or give it to students

We chose to sponsor things a little different with Makers Battle, you can earn up to $50 in NodeHost credits by winning a Makers Battle, or add the credit to the students and teachers fund we will keep for students learning how to code. The best part is each week at least $25 will be added to the fund.

$25 minimum and $75 maximum per week, for you or students

Here is how it works, for each 100 praises you get during your Makers Battle as the winner we will be giving $1, each week even if you don’t get enough praises on MakerLog for $25 we will always add $25 to the student fund each week. If you get more then 2,500 praise in total you earn credit from us you can keep and use, or give directly to the student fund.

Win up to $50 in credit

If you get 7,500 or more praise on your MakerLog events during the battle, you will earn $50 in NodeHost credit you can keep and use if you want.

How does this work?

We already give away free small amounts of resources for teachers and students and offer other services at a discount. We already have hundreds of student accounts and just over a dozen teachers using NodeHost. With this fund we will be using it when students or teachers need more resources than the free containers allow. We will also be using it for future services so that anyone using NodeHost for learning does not need to worry about costs.

Makers Battle, helping students learn how to code