Everyone should be able to build a website

Not only do we provide payed plans with mail and databases, but we also have a free plan to get your website online, and all sites run on 100% high speed SSD servers

For anyone

100% free
50 MB Web Storage
10 GB Bandwidth
0 Databases
0 Email Accounts
28 Day Backup History
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For students

100% free
350 MB Web Storage
35 GB Bandwidth
1 Databases
2 Email Accounts
28 Day Backup History
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Other Plans

start at $1.80USD
2 GB+ Web Storage
40 GB+ Bandwidth
2+ Databases
10+ Email Accounts
28 Day Backup History
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Costs are per 30 days and account reloads will also be charged any applicable taxes, you can have as many containers as you want with there own resources

Yes you can run a CMS

Not only are the free plans free, but they allow you to fully run any PHP script (within reason). This means you can run any CMS like Wordpress on the students plan, or any flat file CMS like Grav.

You get the same performance as everyone else

Unlike other hosts that offer free plans we do not limit our free users any more than any other account. You are not CPU limited or limited on how many page views you get per hour.

We do have rules around our free plans

We do have some simple rules around our free plans, they are really simple. You are not allowed to use our resources for spam or abuse of our system or anyone else’s systems. All resources are given in faith of standard usage and personal use. Any corporate use of teacher, student, or free plans will result in your account getting closed. We do allow small business sites as long as they are single ownership and small.

Free resources for everyone

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi