November updates & changes

November 6th, 2020 by Anthony

We have been kinda silent this year, but we have been pushing changes to the service all year and we wanted to post about a few for November. Let's start with the big update that we have expanded resources for students and everyone else, and go on to some of the other updates like 3 new server locations.

Expanded storage and bandwidth

Although costs remain high we have been able to expand the bandwidth each site can use by looking at our resource history. We are happy to also say that student and teacher sized sites (the free ones) now get 500MB storage per site up from 350MB.

New servers

We have new node locations in England, India, and Singapore for expanded reach. This also marks our return to England since we shut down the legacy servers just over a year ago. We hope this helps our customers and their visitors on that side of the globe.

Reseller platform

We are working on the reseller system again, and have actually started coding the panel, we are going to release the editor panel for sites first and then release a panel for business owners to manage clients, and billing. We have seen that developers are more than happy to make there own customer facing panels so we are focusing on the one smaller panel that will be responsible for allowing the client to edit the site, settings and content easily. You can always build your own panel in place using the API but this simple embed panel will make it easer to get started.

We have NO timeline on when this will be ready but we are hoping at the start of next year we should be good to go.

Thats all for today

Thats all we have at this time but we will be sharing more updates going forward, so keep an eye on our blog for more.


This is not all we have, explore the blog to see more about us, what we beleve in, and updates.

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