The world is on fire

June 11th, 2020 by Anthony

My name is Anthony, and I created and started NodeHost not just as a job but to help developers. The events of the last month has resulted in a lot of rethinking how we can help the world become a better place.

The entire year of 2020 has become one of the worst years with one event after event leading to the biggest outcry for support and help. Although we can’t do a lot we are behind anyone who we can help with our services and what we do. As such I personally want to say I will cover the cost of any site on NodeHost for anyone who needs to tell their story or have a place to share links, opinions, or information around the protests that otherwise would not be able to. Having a lack of funds in any way should never mean having a lack of options to share your story or feelings around what’s going on.

As such we are reaching out to not only groups we can help with services but also a lighter side of the web by updating our creators page and we need your help. Send us creators or developers making art, stories, videos, creations, builds, or even amazing lego creations. We want to help them out and get them online and give them the support they need. Even if the creators don’t use NodeHost we want to feature a great collection of amazing and talented individuals.


This is not all we have, explore the blog to see more about us, what we beleve in, and updates.

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