Packages, the new store is live

April 6th, 2019 by Anthony R.

We just released the packages store for us and users to offer packages for free or for a price, and if a user sells a package they get 80% of the amount in there income balance they can take out later on. This is a new system and as such has almost nothing listed for now.

So what can be listed?

Basically anything you can place via SFTP can be a package, this includes CMS systems, but also Wordpress plugins, themes and more. When you make a package you can supply the folder path to install into, and on top of this you can select if it deletes the local index file or not. We have given packages a lot of controls to allow them to be used for many different uses.

What is the hope for packages?

We want to offer all kinds of services, including coding lessens made as packages that drop into a container that allows people to explore and code and see the examples as they go. A interactive coding exercise where the person learning can mess with the code that is showing them how to code.

How you list a package?

Just go to the package store and click Publish a package to get started, it will ask for basic info that you can edit and change before you publish. At the bottom of the preview once it's made you can control pricing, alerts and rules. We do recommend before publishing to test on a container your self before making it available for all as reviews stay forever (original poster can make a new review to remove the old one).


This is not all we have, explore the blog to see more about us, what we beleve in, and updates.

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