Privacy, easy tracking disable, and better emails

March 22nd, 2019 by Anthony R.

This week has been all about privacy for us and our updates. After the Troy Hunt post These Cookie Warning Shenanigans Have Got to Stop (you can view at we had a great idea, let's make the change and remove the entire idea behind "leave if you don't agree to tracking" or "by using this service, you agree to this crap".

The first step, disable tracking

We now give users the ability to in one click on any page visit to disable tracking, and we give the disable button as the first option before even close. Here is an example of the alert on the page.

This is just the first step, we also on the footer first thing give the user the option to enable or disable tracking analytics any time within one click. This is a true one click disable, we do NOT open a page or window asking for check boxes to be unchecked to disable tracking. Click and done.

Clear 2FA failed login alerts

You now also get an email on any login or failed login attempt via 2fa. This can be enabled by turning on the logins email type in settings.

Users have the right to refuse tracking

We think all services should give users the option to disable tracking in an easy to use button. We are working to protect the users rights to privacy while also providing a kick ass service.



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