New Containers feature, ZIP deployments

January 13th, 2019 by Anthony R.

We are working on a lot of great features and one that we got requested for was added today and we wanted to share with you the new ZIP deploy rules page for containers. This allows you to copy the ZIP url of a GitHub (or other but we are using GitHub in our examples) project and have it deploy to a container. This acts just like the packages store installer but faster and with a easy to run URL you can use in Webhooks that is unique only to that container.

How to auto deploy changes from GitHub to a NodeHost Container

This is really easy and first step is to copy the URL of the GitHub package.

Next you go to the ZIP deploy rules page and enter in the url. You can leave the path option blank.

Next you can copy the Webhooks url (if you don't have a API key it will ask you visit settings first to generate one before it shows a link).

Now just enter the settings of your GitHub project and enter in the URL.

Now you are done, and any time you push a change to the repository it will auto deploy to your NodeHost Container. How easy was that.


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